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Athletics & Enrichment


Roxbury Prep offers physical education classes to all students and competitive athletics throughout the school-year at some campuses.  Students participate in practices and games, competing against Boston area middle schools.  Roxbury Prep currently offers the following competitive sports: athletics, basketball, baseball, and softball.

Enrichment Program

Roxbury Prep's extended school-day includes a commitment to arts and athletics. Roxbury Prep’s Enrichment program ensures that students remain engaged in productive and healthy activities, contributing to an extended school day.  During this time, students engage in a variety of athletics, as well as visual and performing arts activities. With the support and expertise of local artists and teachers, students receive the much-needed opportunity to express themselves through drawing, painting, music, singing, drama, and athletics. Students also perform and present their work in Community Meeting and at special events. Watch a video about young artists at our Lucy Stone Campus Click Here! 


In addition, core academic teachers conduct additional tutoring during Enrichment and physical education classes. During tutoring, teachers revisit critical academic skills and concepts with students who have not yet mastered class material.