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Student Achievement is Our Bottom Line

Roxbury Prep prepares students for college and beyond. We achieve this with three high-quality, rigorous, aligned middle school campuses that serve students in grades 5 through 8. Starting in 2015, middle school students from our three campuses will attend one common high school campus.

Middle school campuses are aligned around the "3 C's" that have laid the foundation for Roxbury Prep since its opening.


Without good teachers, nothing else matters.  Teachers are provided extensive support and coaching in curriculum development, instruction, and assessment, delivering engaging daily lesson and thoughtful, strategic unit plans.


With mandatory uniforms, a strict code of conduct, and school values supported by an Advisory curriculum, Roxbury Prep ensures that students develop the academic, social, and moral skills required for success in college and in life.


At Roxbury Prep, we use our talents to make positive contributions to our communities.  Through weekly Community Meeting, after school clubs and Enrichment, and local partnerships, Roxbury Prep students enrich their own school community, contribute to the neighborhoods of Roxbury and Dorchester, and benefit from the support of Boston community organizations and philanthropic supporters.