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Curriculum Development

Each August, Roxbury Prep staff members return to campuses three weeks before the start of school. Engaged in extensive professional development, coaching, and teamwork, Roxbury Prep teachers develop units and lessons aligned with quarterly comprehensive assessments (Comps) directly aligned with Massachusetts Frameworks and Roxbury Prep curricula. These assessments and supporting materials form the base for the data-driven instructional model that has greatly enhanced student achievement.


Every minute counts in a Roxbury Prep classroom. Teachers develop highly-structured lessons with clear aims and supporting activities, utilizing coaching from instructional leaders and techniques from the Taxonomy of Effective Teaching Practices to drive student performance. Each lesson features an exit ticket and homework assignment to ensure practice and retention.

Eliminating the Achievement Gap

Roxbury Prep students have succeeded in eliminating the achievement gap, routinely outperforming their more affluent, suburban district peers on Massachusetts state assessments.