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Student Life


Student achievement depends upon a positive, safe, and vibrant school community. To ensure high academic standards, Roxbury Prep maintains high personal standards. The school enforces a dress code and a strict code of conduct. The result is a safe environment that allows Roxbury Prep students to celebrate learning and recognize each other’s talents. Weekly advisory class deepens student understanding of campus creeds.

Community Meeting

Every week, the entire student body and staff gather for Community Meeting to celebrate the week. The meeting is hosted by students and includes presentations by academic classes and Enrichment or athletics. Families and friends are always welcome to join in this celebration of our mission and culture of achievement.

The highlight of Community Meeting is the awarding of the Spirit Stick. In a highly anticipated skit at the end of the meeting, the Spirit Stick is awarded to the student whose actions during the week best embodied the values of the campus. This student proudly carries the Spirit Stick with him or her during the next week and then hosts the next Community Meeting.

Student Activities

Throughout the school year, Roxbury Prep students go on several field trips. To emphasize the college mission of the school, each grade visits at least one college. This past year, students saw Boston College, Clark University, Northeastern University, Tufts University, Harvard University, and Howard University, and Wentworth University. In addition, grade-level teams took many other field trips, including visits to the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Science, Mount Monadnock, the Moakley Courthouse, Frog Pond, and the Blue Hills Reservation. Every year, the eighth grade class goes on a special four-day field trip to Washington, D.C.

Many students stay at school after the extended day in order to attend tutoring or after school clubs. In the past, the following clubs were offered: Boys’ and Girls’ Reading Groups, the “Green Pen” Literary Journal, Model U.N., Human Rights Association, PrepArts Club, Math Counts, and Science Olympiad.