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A Typical Day


Wonder what a day in the life of a Roxbury Prep student is like?

Scroll through the pictures below to get a glimpse into student life at our schools.


Every scholar is personally greeted to school each morning.

Learning happens in a variety of ways: whole class instruction, small group instruction, individual practice, peer collaboration, and computer-based learning.

Students enjoy art and gym classes.


In addition to academics, the curriculum also focuses on building character. The school day is structured, and scholars follow consistent routines.  


Hard work and full participation in class, homework, and the broader school community are rewarded at Roxbury Prep.  Scholars can earn prizes, field trips, and special privileges.

While students work hard at Roxbury Prep, we also prioritize the “Joy Factor”.

Scholars attend weekly, high-energy community circles (school assemblies).

Breakfast and lunch are served.


Our 5th and 6th grade students receive bus transportation to and from school


Scholars are supported and encouraged every day by our amazing school leaders, teachers, and staff members.

Once students enroll, they have a guaranteed spot at Roxbury Prep through high school graduation. Our students are constantly reminded that they are on the path to college!